4 Points (2)Epic Opportunities offers holistic, person-centred supports to empower people to learn, work and enjoy life in the community. Services are available at four locations across Winnipeg, and each location offers a wide range of supports based on individual interests, needs and goals.


Life-Long Learning

We encourage individuals to access educational and learning opportunities in the community and in our offices, including:

  • Resources for personal skill development;
    these may include resources for literacy,
    recreation, athletics and the arts
  • Participation in self-development workshops
  • Adaptive resources and therapeutic services


Connecting and Contributing in the Community

We provide supports that empower people to:

  • Participate in and contribute to community events and social occasions
  • Pursue membership and volunteer opportunities with local organizations or initiatives of personal interest
  • Develop personal networks and connections with other community members


Career Exploration

We support individuals as they develop and pursue their employment goals. We help them to:


For more detailed information about our career service, visit the following links: