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Sandy K-9

Epic Opportunities is pleased to have partnered with Red River College as part of a public awareness campaign designed to showcase the school’s graduates and their successes.


In addition to highlighting the successes of Red River alumni, the spring outdoor advertising campaign was aimed at strengthening RRC’s relationships with prospective employers and highlighting programs and industry sectors that might be of interest to potential students.


Sandy Kauenhofen, a Disability and Community Support Co-ordinator with Epic Opportunities, was one of 27 Red River alumni who were featured as part of the campaign, which was launched March 3 and ran until May 25. Sandy is a 2010 graduate of Red River’s Disability and Community Support program.


The campaign included both billboard and transit advertising. Billboards featured RRC alumni and their respective employers while transit ads included statistics highlighting the successes of the college.


This year is the first time Epic Opportunities was a part of the RRC campaign. Human Resources Coordinator Kristin Oswald says it was a great opportunity for the organization to let more people know about the great work it does and showcase opportunities for people interested in a career in the community living sector.


“It’s definitely about exposure and community awareness which are critical to what we are all about as a community organization,” she says.


Oswald says another positive aspect of Epic Opportunities’ involvement in the campaign was that it will hopefully lead to increased awareness of the college’s Disability and Community Support program and help increase the pool of talent the organization has to draw from.


“The field of disability supports is not going away and people need to realize they can really make a difference by pursuing it as a career,” she adds.


Oswald says Kauenhofen was an ideal choice to represent Epic Opportunities. She began her career as a disability support worker before joining the organization as a director of services and eventually moving into her current role as a coordinator.


“She really has a good insight within the field. She’s very confident and competent in her field of expertise,” Oswald says.


Conor Lloyd, a Communications Officer with RRC, says Epic Opportunities is a valuable industry partner and was chosen to be part of the campaign because it supports the college’s programming and provides Red River grads with valuable work experience.


“For the purpose of this campaign we felt that Epic Opportunities was a natural fit as they employ our grads who take studies in one of our many community services programs at the college. We wanted to ensure we promoted the diverse cross-section of our programs and Epic was a good fit to promote some of our diverse programming,” Lloyd says.


For more information about Red River College’s spring advertising campaign please visit


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