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Ivan Cruz, Jennifer Perron (centre) and Becky Hunnable model the latest in Epic Opportunities apparel.

When members of the Epic Opportunities recruitment team got together earlier this year to discuss ways of better engaging members of the public at the various career fairs they attend they came up with an idea that fit to a T.


Actually, it fit like a T-shirt.


The team officially launched its “Hello My Name Is” T-shirt campaign this spring and wore the T-shirts for the first time at the Rotary Career Symposium in March.


The T-shirts feature the words “Hello My Name Is” in a rectangular box on the front followed by a blank square for a person’s name and a list of adjectives including friend, sister, co-worker, dad, boyfriend, student and neighbour beside boxes that can be checked.


The back of the T-shirts features the Epic Opportunities logo along with the words “Everyone Has An Epic Role To Play.”


Human Resources Coordinator Kristin Oswald says the T-shirts are a fun way for members of the recruitment team to engage the community members at various events while informing them about what Disability Support Workers do and all the great initiatives Epic Opportunities is involved in.


“How do we learn about each other? How do we learn how people can participate and contribute? How do we start friendships with people? That’s basically where this concept comes from,” Oswald says.


“We want people to look beyond someone’s disability. It’s about starting a conversation and getting to know someone and knowing what their value is in our community. We all have multiple ways in which we contribute to our communities and make them a better place for all of us to live.”


Members of the recruitment team have already worn the shirts at several public events and Oswald says she’s been pleased with the feedback to date.


“It’s been very positive. People like the message. They’re excited about the message. We’ve had a number of people from the community inquire about how to get them which is a good sign,” she says.


The T-shirts were first made available for purchase at Epic Opportunities’ annual general meeting in June. You too can start a conversation by purchasing a “Hello My Name Is” T-shirt by calling 204-982-4673 or visiting the Epic Opportunities office at 1644 Dublin Ave.

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