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Epic Opportunities is hoping its presence on Facebook will allow it to better connect with key stakeholders.

You’ll like us, you’ll really like us.


At least, that’s the hope as Epic Opportunities has joined Facebook, the popular social networking site which has millions of users worldwide.


Executive Director Ruby Reimer says Facebook is another tool the organization can use to raise its profile and better connect with key stakeholders in the community.


“Epic Opportunities needs to raise our profile in order to be seen and recognized in the community. It’s really about visibility,” she says.


“We want to increase our visibility because we believe in our message of inclusive communities. [And] we need to become more connected to the community so we can all work together.”


Reimer adds that non-profit organizations such as Epic Opportunities can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of communication to get their message out.


“We need to understand where our audience is going for information and have that become one of the avenues we use,” she says.


Joining Facebook is part of an on-going effort to increase Epic Opportunities’ online presence. Earlier this year, the organization revamped its website ( and joined Twitter (@Epic_Opps).


Human Resources Coordinator Kristin Oswald says social media is great way for Epic Opportunities to share information about its activities and promote the idea of inclusion.


“In this day and age organizations like ours need to tap into as many resources as possible that provide an opportunity to increase the volume of our voice,” she says.


“I think it’s exciting. I hope that all of our families and stakeholders will utilize it and put out the word that they like us or share our information.”


You can check us out on Facebook by visiting

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