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Bill and his daughter Kathleen say their efforts to beautify her home’s yard have earned praise from both neighbours and visitors to the neighbourhood.

Summer is in full bloom and that means it’s once again time for Epic in Bloom.

Epic in Bloom is a friendly gardening competition that is open to anyone living in a house or apartment owned or rented by Epic Opportunities. The annual contest is designed to encourage people to enhance the appearance of their home’s yard or balcony while promoting good neighbourliness.

More than a dozen residences are taking part in this year’s competition and had to register by the June 17 entry deadline with a ‘before’ photo of their yard or balcony. All work must be completed by Wed., Aug. 17 with ‘after’ photos of their efforts submitted to a panel of judges. Entrants must work within a budget of $75 for balconies and $100 for front yards and are encouraged to be creative.

High Road Property Services has graciously donated prizes for this year’s competition including $500 gift cards from Home Depot for the top two front yards and a $200 Home Depot gift card for the best balcony.

Executive Director Ruby Reimer says she was impressed by the quality of last year’s entries and is anticipating similar results this time out.

Reimer says one of the offshoots of the contest is how it has helped foster a sense of community between people at participating homes and their neighbours.


Valour 3

Heather’s yard is a source of pride for her and her roommate Corrine.

Mandalay 3

Alice’s balcony has earned rave reviews from guests and staff.


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