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Erik is excited about moving into his new home and learning more about the neighbourhood.

It’s not uncommon to find Erik with a camera in his hands. Whether it’s shooting video or still photographs, capturing memorable moments in his life and the lives of family and friends is something he is passionate about.

Erik will soon experience another important moment he is sure to want to preserve. Sometime in December he will move into his new home in Whyte Ridge in the southwest corner of Winnipeg, the latest home to be purchased by Epic Opportunities.

It’s a moment Erik can hardly wait to have happen. After living in his previous residence in Amber Trails for the past six years he decided the time had come for him to move on – both literally and figuratively.

“I felt it was time for a change. I felt like it was time for a different place [to live],” he says during a recent tour of his new home.

While some people can be apprehensive about making such a major change, Erik has taken everything in stride.

“He’s been very excited with the whole process,” says David Smith, a manager with Epic Opportunities. “He finds change interesting and exciting. He’s keen to get into his new home. He’s happy to be starting a new chapter in his life.”

“I’m not worried or nervous [about the move]. I’m OK with it,” Erik adds.

Erik’s reaction the first time he visited his new home was “awesome.” One of the features he is looking forward to the most is his spacious new bedroom. He is also eager to get to know his prospective new roommate better. The duo has been spending a lot of time together lately socializing and discussing their new home.

Another aspect of the impending move Erik is excited about is having an opportunity to help choose the furnishings for his new home, including everything from area rugs to tables and office furniture.

Two of his first guests at his new place will be his mom and dad. They often spend time together sharing a bite to eat or watching a movie together.

Erik is a self-described film buff. Although he doesn’t have a particular favourite genre when it comes to movies, he does admit to being partial to action flicks and has a particular fondness for the X-Men film franchise. He’s also a huge fan of YouTube and enjoys playing video games when he has some downtime.

That’s not to say it’s all play and no work for Erik. For the past several years he’s been employed through ImagineAbility, a non-profit organization that provides meaningful employment and recreational opportunities for people with a range of intellectual challenges.

“It’s good there. I like it. The people there are really nice,” adds Erik, who has filled a number of different roles through the organization.

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