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Cindy and Sheryl have shared numerous experiences in the three years they have been roommates. There have been countless meals together, trips to the local shopping mall and frequent visits with family and friends.

The two women will soon share another even more pivotal moment. They are scheduled to move out of their tiny, two-bedroom apartment this spring into a spacious new house in St. Vital that was purchased and renovated by Epic Opportunities.

The new house will offer far more room and amenities than their current home. More importantly, it will provide them much greater independence than their current accommodations.

“I think moving into the new house will mean freedom, a lot more freedom, for them,” says manager Jennifer Unger. “In the new home they’ll be able to spend more time outside since they’ll have their own yard and patio. They’ll also be able to change things to the way they like because they’ll be in their own house.”

The move has been in the works for the past year and was prompted by the fact their current home has not met the two women’s needs for quite some time. Their current suite is not truly wheelchair-accessible, which makes it difficult for Cindy and Sheryl every time they try to turn a corner in the apartment, Unger says. Accessing the kitchen and bathroom areas is also challenging and the roommates have little personal space outside of their respective bedrooms.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Cindy says. “I think it will be very good for me. It will be a lot bigger.”

Sheryl says she too is looking forward to the move, although she admits to feeling a little nervous about leaving the apartment that has been her home for 20-plus years.

“I’m nervous and excited about it. I’m feeling pretty good, though,” she adds.

One of the more notable features of the new house will be a lift system in the garage that will allow Cindy and Sheryl to more easily enter and exit their home. There will also be a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the rear of the house that will allow both women easy access to the backyard and deck area.

The 1,340 sq. ft. bungalow also features three bedrooms, including two wheelchair-accessible bedrooms, two full bathrooms, an open style kitchen and living room area, a gas fireplace, vinyl flooring and a dining room with a custom-designed window to allow for plenty of natural sunlight.

Both Cindy and Sheryl had a say in how the home is being furnished. One of the things Sheryl is looking forward to the most about her new home, she says, is being able to use the kitchen.

“It’s very tough for me (to cook anything) right now,” she says, adding she and Cindy will also be able to entertain family and friends outdoors, something that’s not possible in their current location.

The roommates’ new home is located a short distance from a nearby shopping mall and several parks in an already developed neighbourhood. Cindy says she is anxious to get to know the neighbourhood and the people who live there, something that has been difficult to do living in an apartment.

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