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By Jim Timlick

Lois Martyria says one of the best things about her job is the fact that one day is rarely the same as the next.

Martyria is a member of the Epic Opportunities flex team, which serves people through the Epic at Home residential service. The flex team plays a crucial role in supporting the needs of people served by Epic Opportunities, filling in when their regular staff are off due to illness or vacation. That often means working at multiple homes and becoming familiarized with the various people they serve and their needs at each location.

While it can be challenging at times, Martyria says it’s also a great learning opportunity.

“I enjoy being on the flex team because of the dynamic. You get to go to different homes and meet different people and support different people who are all so wonderful. I like the variety. It’s part of what I enjoy about the job,” she says.

“I enjoy meeting new people and the new things I can learn from them. I like to learn and grow. Those things make work so much fun for me.”

Martyria joined Epic Opportunities in April 2014 and has spent most of her time on the flex team. Part of what drew her to support work, she says, was the chance to help others.

“It’s fun to support people and I enjoy helping them. It’s not a cubicle kind of job. Some people may prefer office work but I enjoy something that’s more hands-on and less paperwork,” she says.

Coordinator Kristen Woloszyn-Chin has worked with Martyria for several years. She says one of the strengths she brings to the flex team is her ability to build relationships with people.

“People really enjoy working with her and she seems to build relationships quite easily,” Woloszyn-Chin says. “She is really one of those people who values relationships and wants to get to know people. She takes an interest in getting to know them and what they want and need. It’s a gift.”

Building relationships is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job, Martyria says, adding it’s something that comes easily for her.

“It’s so much fun meeting people,” she says. “I think if you enjoy what you are doing everything else will just kind of fall into place.”

When she’s not busy working, Martyria enjoys reading, watching movies and exploring new places. Even though she jokes she’s “not a good cook,” she enjoys preparing meals for herself and others.

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