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We are actively looking for Home Share Providers

Epic Opportunities works with families and individuals to home share with adults living with intellectual disabilities. The living experience is designed to provide individualized care in a nurturing, safe and stable home environment that promotes growth and encourages personal choice and opportunity.

Who needs home share?

Adults living with intellectual disabilities who choose home share support come from all backgrounds. It is a living option for a natural community living experience as people want to move outside of the family home or current living situation.

Who can be a home share provider?

Home Share providers are individuals or couples, with or without children in Winnipeg from diverse backgrounds. Epic Opportunities looks for distinctive qualities in prospective home share providers. The qualities important in home share experiences are:

  • That you recognize the value of people who live with intellectual disabilities and are prepared to offer them care, support, guidance and patience, in a shared stable home environment.
  • Emotionally, physically and financially stable.
  • Supportive, compassionate and able to commit time and energy to meet the needs of an adult living with intellectual disabilities in supporting them to live full lives as part of the community.
  • Own or rent a home (house or apartment) that meets the needs of the person supported and provincial licensing standards.

What is involved in providing home share supports?

Epic Opportunities and home share providers work together to fulfill their responsibilities and protect the rights of people supported by home share supports.

Rights of the Person in home share:

  • Opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, physically, educationally and spiritually in a nurturing environment.
  • Safety and protection.
  • Information about their placement provided in a manner that promotes self-esteem.
  • Opportunities to stay connected to families and support networks of origin in a safe and respectful manner.

Responsibilities of home share providers:

  • Provide emotional care and nurturing.
  • Meet educational, recreational, social, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Provide physical care and attend to regular medical, optical and dental needs and any special treatments as required.
  • Support connection to person supported family and support networks of origin and community.
  • Complete mandatory training and any additional training deemed pertinent to the person supported needs.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Maintain records and documentation as required.
  • Communicate effectively with other members of the support team.
  • Participate in the planning process by identifying needs and goals for the person receiving support.
  • Comply with all legislation, regulations and provincial standards set out by CLdS Family Services & Housing, Residential Care Licencing and Epic Opportunities.

Responsibilities of Epic Opportunities:

  • Protect all adults placed under Epic Opportunities care.
  • Develop a Personal Outcome Plan based on strengths and needs of the person supported.
  • Facilitate inclusion in the community to the maximum extent possible.
  • Document and report on activities, progress and changing needs in accordance with legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Select and support home share providers to meet the person supported needs.
  • Supervise the care of persons in the home share home.
  • Orient and train the home share provider(s) and associated staff supports.
  • Advocate for new services and system changes to meet the changing needs of person supported, families and communities.
  • Demonstrate sound fiscal management of the resources entrusted to us on behalf of the person supported.

How do I become a home share provider?

All home share providers must be licensed by the Supported Living Program of Family Services & Housing/Residential Care Licencing. Prospective home share providers and the Service Development Coordinator or designate will complete an in-depth application process that includes:

  • Reference checks.
  • Child Abuse Registry, Adult Abuse Registry, Criminal Record check and Vulnerable Sector Search.
  • Driver’s Abstract and medical reference.
  • Home Share and Biography/Life Experience questionnaires (for all members of the household).
  • In-home interviews, home visits and a home inspection.

Learn more at Manitoba Family Services and Housing/residential licencing.

For more information or if you think you have the distinct qualities and time to become a home share provider or want to learn more about home share supports contact our Service Development Coordinator.

Contact information:

Stacey Forest – Service Development & Outcomes Specialist
Phone: 204-560-2811

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