We offer person-centred, holistic supports to empower people to live full and meaningful lives in their own homes. We focus on each person’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

We help people access a wide range of supports based on their unique interests, needs and goals. These supports include helping people to:

  • Move into their own homes in the community, with support in the transition for the individual and their families.
  • Choose their own home (e.g. house, apartment or a shared home with a Home Share Provider), preferred neighbourhood and housemates.
  • Identify and meet any accessibility needs.
  • Personalize homes for individual decorating preferences.
  • Experience warmth, security and safety.
  • Create a welcoming place where family and friends are encouraged to visit.
  • Self-direct supports based on individuals needs and abilities.
  • Develop daily living skills, such as cooking, cleaning and paying bills.
  • Live as independently as possible with the appropriate staff support.