Epic Opportunities Vision, Mission & Values Poster

Epic Opportunities Vision, Mission & Values Poster

Our Vision, Mission & Values


All people are valued members of the community, have significant personal networks, have equal access to opportunities and contribute to a better society.


Epic Opportunities empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive in everyday life by providing holistic support and building inclusive communities.


Epic Opportunities believes that everyone has inherent value and a purpose to fulfill. Everyone is deserving of unconditional acceptance. Our core values are:

Respect: All people have a voice, deserve to be heard and treated with dignity.
Relationships: Quality of life is improved when people have genuine connections with others.
Personal Growth: Every person has the potential to live a rich and full life. We grow and achieve our highest potential when supports are available.
Integrity: We are honest, accountable and follow through on our commitments.
Advocacy: We are equally valuable in society and deserving of basic human rights and freedoms.
Inclusion: Diversity, opportunity and value for all people contribute to stronger communities, enrich people’s lives and are the foundation for a better world.